Mobility Stat SymbolIn Destiny 2, Stats determine several parameters which alter the abilities of player classes. Stats are gained by equipping armor with each piece of armor granting differing amounts of each stat. As of the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, players have access to six Stats through which they can modify their playstyles. 


The specific benefits of each Stat are listed below, but all Stats follow a few universal rules:

  • All six stats can be increased to a maximum of 100 points, reaching 100 in all categories simultaneously is not possible due to limited amounts of each stat per equipped armor piece
  • The benefits listed below are activated at intervals or "Tiers." Every 10 points of a stat is equal to a Tier.
  • Due to the Tier System, players will not benefit from the effects of a stat until they reach the next Tier of the respective stat. For example, if a player has 16 points in Mobility, the 6 "leftover"points will not add to the player's movement speed.


  • Decreases Class ability cooldown & increases player movement speed & jump height


  • Increases shield regeneration speed


  • Increases total player health


  • Decreases Super cooldown


  • Decreases Grenade Ability cooldown


  • Decreases Melee Ability cooldown

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