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Destiny 2 Alpha

    • Anonymous

      Destiny 2 Alpha26 May 2017 00:27

      I know this is a long shot at this point but I would like to offer my services with the alpha. I have been playing destiny 1 since its alpha so I know that game well. Also I have about 7 years or testing experience with open/closed alpha and beta for a long list of games and studios. I know what is needed for early game testing and know how to bring up problems I find in game. Please feel free to contact me my Bungie account is: Syferis 4332955

      • Anonymous

        Destiny 2 Alpha21 May 2017 20:35

        I would really enjoy it play the alpha, I had played Destiny since day 1 and would really enjoy to play alpha and help in the creation of destiny 2 and help on finding bugs

        • Anonymous

          Destiny 2 Alpha PC21 May 2017 06:50

          If there is an alpha coming to i would realy like to test it, my battle acount: Exoskeleton#21469
          I am a veteran destiny player on playstation 4 and for destiny 2 im going to switch to pc, my psn acount is: exoskeletonwar
          My bungie acount is: exoskeletonwar 5942918

          Thank you

          • Anonymous

            Destiny 2 Tester20 May 2017 15:30

            Hi i am a Italian gamer.
            Please send me a invitation for tested Destiny 2

            My id Ps4 : iPain84

            • Anonymous

              Destiny 2 alpha tester19 May 2017 04:07

              Hi i am an italian man i love destiny and i would became an alpha tester my email
              Ps4 ID bbdavedd

              • Anonymous

                Destiny 2 Alpha18 May 2017 19:36

                Please o please let me play I have about a month played in Destiny 1 and (this is sad but I cried during the reveal trailer) lol

                • Anonymous

                  Destiny 2 Alpha27 Apr 2017 11:14

                  A message to all: The Destiny 2 Alpha will commence tomorrow, Friday the 28th and end on the morning of Monday May 1st. No further responses available.

                  • Anonymous

                    Destiny 2 Alpha18 Apr 2017 17:16

                    Started playing Destiny about a month after it was released, got more than 2k hours playing this awesome game until now, would love to get access to the Alpha. Done everything you could do in Destiny and enjoyed every moment of it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Destiny 2 alpha16 Apr 2017 19:29

                      Hi ive played since day one on xbox one as a warlock. I do plan on getting the ultimate edition for destiny 2, but I would love to get the destiny 2 alpha to be able to see how it runs and give my input on it. I love you bungie and all of the great work you have done with destiny, and how you continue to support it, even the warlocks ;)

                      • Anonymous

                        Player Since Destiny Alpha16 Apr 2017 10:34

                        Hi I have been a destiny player since the alpha test on PS4, and both betas on PS4 and Xbox One, I have the original xbox One, a Slim Xbox One running on a 4K TV and also a playstation Pro also running on a 4K TV, would like to be able to test on all devices so would love to be in the Alpha , I have already pre ordered so will be in the beta for Xbox One.

                        • Anonymous

                          Destiny 2 Aplha13 Apr 2017 19:40

                          Dear Bungie,

                          I am a loyal Destiny player and observer since the day the team announced its

                          existence at the playstation 4 announcement panel. I have played the Beta and instantly fell in love

                          as I continued from day 1 Destiny through The Dark Below, The House of Wolves, The Taken King,

                          and Rise of Iron. I've always wanted to test every portion of your game franchises from Halo to

                          Destiny but I am only 19 and was too young to experience your video game masterpieces. I am not

                          demanding but simply asking out of curiosity on whether I could potentially become an Alpha tester

                          for Destiny 2. I fully understand that testing DLC's and games are difficult when not being conducted

                          within your studios, for that I would gladly type a detailed report of any bugs, issues, and the general

                          experience that I had while playing in the Alpha and Beta if you would like. I simply just want to

                          continue to play through the Destiny franchise and enjoy the fun ride with my friends as we explore

                          new worlds and new missions, raids and abilities. If you would like to see my playstation name it is

                          Enokitiger. Pvp has never been a strong suit for me but I would gladly test anything and everything

                          you offer me, it would bring much joy and entertainment to my life as I study to become a

                          programmer and hopefully enroll in a video game studio like yours. I will never forget all of Destiny.

                          Year 1 will forever be a learning curve and a new record for any company attempting a game like

                          Destiny, an inspiration you will forever be in my heart. Thank you for the memories Bungie. I hope

                          to see Destiny 2 soon.

                          You can reach me at or

                          PSN: Enokitiger

                          With much love Carlos.

                          • Anonymous

                            alpha tester12 Apr 2017 21:29

                            Ive literally spent over 6 months of time playing since D1 release.

                            xbox: its the olive
                            psn: reindeer2276

                            • Anonymous

                              Alpha Test12 Apr 2017 11:34

                              Been playing since day 1! Forever racking up the hours on this game and can't wait for Beta. Would love to Alpha test.
                              PSN: christoph0311

                              • Anonymous

                                Alpha stress test10 Apr 2017 13:55

                                Highly comprehensive experice with all bungie games, avid destiny fan (way more hours than necessary)
                                Would like to help with minor details in weapon and class abilities balancing.
                                If requested to participate in alpha testing environment my contact is
                                PlayStation; texas-bott
                                Steam; tbc
                                Xbox; (does xbox still exist?)

                                PS. main warlocks
                                Love a good titan bubble
                                One mean hunter

                                • Anonymous

                                  Alpha Testing06 Apr 2017 23:06

                                  Hi, I have been playing destiny ever since the very beginning of year 1 and I cannot wait until Destiny 2 comes out! Because of my extreme passion for amazing games like this one, it would be my honor to be able to alpha test this game and provide useful feedback to you guys on what could be improved. I wish you all good luck in Destiny 2, Guardians!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Alpha , Game testing06 Apr 2017 00:38

                                    Played a tonne of destiny 1, Good knowledge on weapons and perk developments and how they affect both PvE and PvP. Email:, Would love to be an Alpha Tester!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Alpha Tester05 Apr 2017 14:18

                             was apart of previous alpha testing for destiny 1. Please contact if testers are needed.

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