Destiny 2 Planet and Locations are located on this page. More information will be added as it becomes available.


Planet and Locations

  • You will be able to launch all the world activities without going into orbit.
  • There will be a new map to guide you that you can sort and choose from and will be marked on your map with time and location of events.
  • There will be new objectives like treasure maps to follow, lost sites to discover. NPCs will send you on side mission Adventures and mark your map with Lost Sectors to find a treasure guarded by a boss.
  • Nessus, Titan (Location), Earth, Io are the 4 brand new worlds.
  • European Dead Zone is the new refuge of humanity.
  • Nessus is a Vex infested machine world.
  • Io is the place the Traveler had last appeared before the events of the franchise.
  • The Farm is the new social space for players to gather in.

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