Striker Abilities are Abilities in Destiny 2 from the Titan subclass, Striker. This page will be updated as more is available.


Striker Abilities


The Striker subclass features the following abilities:

  • Fist of Havoc: Press R2 to slam the ground, Press R1 to smash shoulder first
  • Pulse Grenade: Periodically damages enemies in its radius
  • Flashbang Grenade: Disorients enemies
  • Lightning Grenade: Emits bolts of lightning
  • Increased Height: Greater height on lift
  • Catapult: Strong initial burst of momentum
  • Increased Control: Better directional control on lift
  • Towering Barricade: A large Barrier that can be used for cover or to seal off dangerous areas
  • Rally Barricade: A small barrier that allows you to peek over while aiming down the sights and instantly reloads your equipped weapon when you take cover
  • Knockout: Breaking enemy shields increases your melee range
  • Reversal: Melee kills immediately trigger health regeneration
  • Frontal Assault: A powerful melee punch that grants you increased weapon stability
  • Trample: Fist of Havoc lasts longer while sprinting. Killing enemies with FoH extends the duration.
  • Shoulder Charge: After sprinting for a short time press R1 to slam shoulder
  • Aftermath: Fist of Havoc disorients enemies and leaves a damage-dealing field in its wake
  • Magnitude: increased the duration of Pulse/Lightning Grenades and Aftermath
  • Aerial Strike: Fist of Havoc deals more damage the longer it is in the air

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