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Rat King is an Weapon in Destiny 2.


We are small, but we are legion.


Roderic-C Information

Rat King Lore

We are small, but we are legion.

The stories are passed from child to child, whispered in the streets and on the playground like any good legend. “Don't ever venture beyond the wall and sight of the Tower,” parents warn, citing these cautionary tales that speak of the boy's many deaths. Exposure. Hunger. Sickness. Cutthroats. Living nightmares. And on. And on. The children, however, have their own truths. To them, the boy never died. They call him the Rat King. The children believe he leads the forgotten among them out of the City on grand adventures. They say he and his misfit army saved the world. But children say many things, and the Vanguard maintains their official stance: there is no Rat King and his army never existed. That's what the elders believe. I choose to believe otherwise.



How to Get Rat King

  • After completing the Campaign, return to Sloan on Titan and complete the quest "The Enemy of my Enemy" questline, ending with "Chances and Choices"
  • Completion of "Chances and Choices" will yield  Rat King's Crew, a 4-step weapon bounty, viewable among your primary weapons. NOTE: For the following 4 quest steps, everyone in your fireteam must either have Rat King's Crew or have completed it.
    • Complete 3 patrols on Titan
    • Complete 3 public events on Titan
    • Compete in 2 Crucible matches
    • Complete the Nightfall strike with 5 minutes remaining
  • Successful completion of the final objective will grant the player Rat King


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